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Premium skincare that goes further

Vleur: anti-ageing that goes further

The unique Vleur anti-ageing line differs from conventional cosmetic products in many ways. Because Vleur is the best and anti-ageing further.

Why does the Vleur skincare line consistently avoid water?

Cosmetics manufacturers like to use water in their facial and skin care products. What doesn’t look so bad at first glance is not always good for the skin. Even if it sounds strange, water dries out the skin. It simply evaporates from the surface. Auxiliary substances therefore remain on the top layer of the skin and can even cause skin irritation, especially if applied several times a day. Nevertheless, water (aqua) is used as a favourable filler in many cosmetics. Not so with the sophisticated Vleur skincare line from Bellecare.

How do Vleur natural cosmetics differ from conventional products?​

The Swiss best and anti-ageing skincare product bears the Vegan Society label and also differs from conventional cosmetics in several other ways.

Aloe Anmaris: Vleur’s highly complex active ingredients are dissolved in the fresh juice of Aloe Anmaris and Aloe Ferox instead of water. The desert lily, which grows exclusively as a wild plant in the unspoilt South African savannah, contains over 160 bioactive substances that are said to have countless positive effects on the skin and the entire body. Its sap stores moisture exceptionally well, allowing it to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. It can also soothe and calm the skin. With Vleur, not a drop of water means not only more moisture, but also a concentrated load of high-quality ingredients.
Purely plant-based: the skincare creams and serums contain a particularly high concentration of selected ingredients. Hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and ceramides are obtained exclusively from high-quality, natural raw materials and not – as is often the case in conventional creams – from genetically modified soya oil. The products usually consist of at least 95% selected organic plants, plant oils, herbs and the finest flower essences. For pure sustainability that you can feel.
Customised cosmetics: The individual creams and masks can be refined and enriched with essences rich in vital substances from flowers, leaves and seeds. Whether dry skin, tension, redness or impurities – you can tailor the pure, high-quality essences precisely to your skin’s needs. Whether applied pure to the skin or mixed into Vleur creams or masks, you can expect noticeable and lasting results. Cosmetics as individual as each person.

Why do Vleur natural cosmetics work so well?

The Vleur cosmetics line offers the latest standards of science combined with the best of nature. It was developed together with a naturopath under the strictest laboratory conditions. It goes without saying that all products are dermatologically tested, free from artificial preservatives, colourings and fragrances and are manufactured in accordance with the strict rules of organic certification.

The BIO VLEUR Deep Cleanser leaves a wonderful feeling of freshness as a cleanser and toner in one.
The BIO VLEUR Peeling 2 in 1 with precious lava clay gently exfoliates and firms the skin.
The highly effective BIO VLEUR Lifting Serum with natural ceramide 3 and hyaluronic acid gently regenerates the skin deep down and builds up effective moisturising protection.
The BIO VLEUR Lifting Serum Plus was developed as a gel especially for oily and blemished skin. It brings it into a pleasant balance, clarifies and provides lasting moisture.
BIO VLEUR Cream Balance cares for impure, oily skin with a tendency to redness. Blackheads can be easily removed after just a few days of use.

Fancy pure and sustainable active cosmetics that nourish your skin naturally and visibly reduce the signs of ageing? Then discover best ageing that goes further!

Sanmar: fair, sustainable organic cosmetics

Many people are familiar with it: a feeling of tightness, redness, itching, flaking or impurities – sensitive skin feels very thin and reacts more quickly to external influences. Sensitive skin needs gentle care, but noticeable effects. This is exactly why we at Bellecare+ have developed Sanmar. The organic natural cosmetics support and nourish the natural skin barrier and restore the skin’s balance.

Why does sensitive skin need different care?

Sensitive skin needs special attention. Environmental influences, stress or nutritional errors show up early and often more severely. The skin feels dry and flaky, it can itch or develop blemishes. This is where active ingredients are needed to gently restore the balance of sensitive skin. Sanmar specifically addresses the needs of sensitive skin and gives it what it needs to regain its radiance.

Sanmar – care for sensitive skin

Sanmar’s organic natural cosmetics have been specially developed for sensitive skin. The result: thorough, deep-pore cleansing that is particularly gentle, highly concentrated care that also strengthens the skin barrier, and ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin and nourish from within. A special skincare range made in Switzerland.

Less is more, especially for sensitive skin. That’s why Sanmar consistently refrains from using preservatives, fragrances and colourings. Because nature is close to our hearts, we take care of the environment and our animal friends. This is why Sanmar does not test on animals and does not use any animal substances in its products. Sanmar is therefore 100% vegan.

Instead of unnecessary additives, at Sanmar we rely on the full power of nature. Our skincare contains up to 95% hand-picked organic plants, selected plant oils and herbs and the full energy of specially formulated tinctures and essences. Unlike other cosmetics manufacturers, Sanmar does not use water. This is because water can dry out sensitive skin in particular. The only preservatives used are those that are permitted in natural cosmetics and are not harmful to the skin.

Bellecare Balance - Supporting beauty from the inside

Do you also want to feel completely balanced in your skin? We at Bellecare would like to support you in this endeavour. When you are at your centre, your beauty is particularly radiant. That’s why Bellecare Balance offers food supplements that go further. With the BIO-Balance Aloe Anmaris alkaline drink and the alkaline bath products, you can now specifically support your inner and outer well-being.

Frau tanzt und fühlt sich von innen und aussen rundum wohl in ihrer Haut.

Why is Bellecare Balance so effective?

Skin care and beauty start from within. The right diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals is essential to keep the skin healthy, firm and beautiful. But only very few people today manage to eat a truly optimal diet alongside their work, family and everyday commitments. Long transport routes and complex industrialisation processes also mean that our food contains fewer vital nutrients than in our grandmother’s day. Added to this are stress and environmental influences, to which we are all the more exposed today. All of this makes for a challenging mixture.

Irritation and premature skin ageing are the first signs that superficial skin care alone is often not enough. To counteract this, Bellecare+ has developed food supplements based on Aloe Ferox or Aloe Anmaris, which are not only good for the skin, but for the whole body. The valuable ingredients in the fresh juice and power drinks from Bellecare+ provide you with important vitamins, minerals, trace elements, proteins and much more. This increases your sense of well-being and gives you a radiant appearance at the same time.

Why are food supplements such as Bellecare+ Balance so valuable?

The vegan-certified organic food supplements from Bellecare+ Balance contain the concentrated power of aloe ferox. It grows in the barren and dry regions of South Africa, far away from industrial pollution.

According to scientific studies, the desert lily contains more than 160 bioactive substances, the biochemical composition of which possesses the most suitable properties of a medicinal plant. This sets the wild-growing aloe ferox apart from all other aloe plants.

Aloe Ferox – the plus in Bellecare+ Balance

The following health-promoting ingredients make this Aloe Ferox so special:

Acemannan: This long-chain sugar form is essential for adults and must be supplied to the body through food. The polysaccharide is involved in building the cell membrane, protects the white blood cells of our immune system and can therefore help to support the body’s defences.
Vitamin A, E, C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, biotin, folic acid: These vitamins are particularly beneficial for skin and nerve health, act as radical scavengers in the body and can therefore help to protect cells from oxidative stress and thus premature ageing.
Choline: It supports liver and brain function, muscles and metabolism.
Inositol: This substance is a component of the cell membrane and is involved in fat metabolism and the formation of new cells.
Vegetable fatty acids and amino acids: They are easy to metabolise, are important sources of energy and are involved in the formation of cells.

Minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese and zinc support metabolic processes, the immune system and the acid-base balance in the body. They are involved in tissue tension and the conduction of nerve cells.

Bellecare+ Balance for more noticeable well-being

The substances in Aloe Anmaris can have a favourable effect on the immune system, digestion and blood formation. They can also be used to support allergies and skin problems.

The BIO Balance Aloe Anmaris alkaline drink is a fitness drink that also helps to optimise the acid-base balance.
The alkaline bath products from Bellecare help to moisturise and regenerate the skin. It feels smoother and more supple.

Feeling good has never been so easy. Discover the world of Bellecare+ Balance now!


Frau auf Balkon träumt mit Aloe Drink in der Hand

Base / Alkaline

Frau in Badewanne unterstützt mit dem Basenbad das innere und äussere Wohlbefinden.

The Bellecare philosophy: Why we do what we do

Natural, ethical, ecologically and socially sustainable and customisable to the skin’s needs – a claim that is not easy to fulfil. But this is what drives us.

Kleinbäuerin hält Blatt einer frisch geernteten Aloe Ferox was das natürliche, ethische, ökologische und sozial nachhaltige Vorgehen zeigt.

What is the philosophy behind Bellecare+?

Active ingredients that achieve more – that was the intention of the founder of Bellecare+ when she founded the organic natural cosmetics line Bellecare+ in 2008. The products should achieve real results, be natural and, above all, sustainable. At first glance, this seems perfectly obvious for an organic natural cosmetics line. But Bellecare+ goes much further and assumes the highest ethical, ecological and social responsibility from the extraction of the raw materials to the delivery of the products.

For Bellecare+, the high sense of responsibility for people and nature begins, for example, with the harvesting of the raw materials. The main ingredient for the cosmetic products or the power and alkaline drinks – aloe ferox or kapaloe – grows in South Africa. Unlike other aloe plants, it is not cultivated in plantations but harvested as a wild plant. This means a higher content of vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances compared to cultivated plants. The harvest is carefully carried out by hand. The outer leaves of the aloe ferox are only removed by hand every three years. This guarantees the optimum survival of the plant and at the same time secures the livelihood of many small regional farmers.

Aloe Ferox and Aloe Anmaris – high-quality base for the best cosmetics

While many cosmetics manufacturers rely on water as a cheap filler, the high-quality ingredients in Bellecare+ are dissolved in the gel of Aloe Ferox or Aloe Anmaris. Aloe ferox is able to store a great deal of moisture and itself contains many vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances. The soothing and cooling properties of aloe also make it an enriching ingredient. The skincare products and power and alkalising drinks are already packed with valuable active ingredients. Depending on the skin’s needs, the Bellecare+ products can be enhanced with tinctures or flower essences. This means anti-ageing and problem skin treatment that you can see and feel.

How does Bellecare+ assume ecological and social responsibility?

Since 2017, Bellecare+ has been in new and responsible hands with Esther and Peter Engeler. The family-run company has always focussed on the quality and value of its products. With its unique formulations and exceptional concept, Bellecare+ has become a pioneer in natural active cosmetics.

All products are manufactured in Switzerland.
They comply with the strictest organic certification regulations, are dermatologically tested and free from artificial preservatives, colourings and fragrances. All products carry the Vegan Society label.
Bellecare+ tinctures and essences are produced according to internationally recognised standards for pharmaceutical manufacturers.
Bellecare+ works together with a local sheltered workshop for packaging and delivery. Dedicated people work every day to ensure smooth order processing, careful packaging and punctual delivery.

Bellecare+: Responsibility and sustainability all along the line

Bellecare+ skincare can be described as sustainable on many levels. From the foresighted harvesting or extraction of high-quality raw materials to production and delivery. Bellecare+ sees itself as part of society in all processes and places nature and people at the centre of its activities and actions. Genuine teamwork and respectful and appreciative interaction with employees and partners is just as important to Bellecare+ as ethical, social and ecological responsibility. Get to know products with a special philosophy now!

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