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In many cases, pure nature is the best care for the skin. However, some conventional skin care products for the body, as well as for facial care, often contain more than is good for us.

Why is natural cosmetics often better?

We use many different cosmetic products every day. Wash lotions, face creams, body care or masks – conventional cosmetics often contain problematic substances. Under certain circumstances, they can not only irritate our skin, but can even enter our bloodstream. These include microplastics, silicones and fragrances. They are not dangerous from the outset. But over time, disruptive substances such as mineral oils, PEGs or parabens can have an impact on our metabolism and even our hormone balance.

One of the main issues of our time is microplastics. It is still found in many skin and body care products. Because sewage treatment plants are unable to filter out the tiny plastic particles, they end up in the environment. There they affect plants and animals, sometimes severely. Microplastics enter the sea via waterways and are often mistaken for food by fish. Microplastics can end up back on our plates as a fish dish.

Natural body care, facial care and natural cosmetics, on the other hand, avoid such problematic ingredients. The use of microplastics is even prohibited for natural cosmetics. As organic natural cosmetics, Bellecare+ completely avoids the use of such substances. They have no place in sustainable skin and body care. For the sake of people and the environment.

Why are natural cosmetics so good for your skin?

Our skin does a lot. It is our largest organ. Its main task is to provide the body with a protective barrier against viruses, bacteria, fungi and other pathogens. The skin is supported in this by a large number of good bacteria that live on its surface. However, these bacteria only work well if the conditions are ideal.

With a slightly acidic pH value, the so-called acid mantle remains intact and the bacteria on the skin perform at their best. Optimum skin care supports the skin’s acid mantle and therefore also protects it from pathogens. However, problematic substances such as mineral oils can change the pH value. The good skin bacteria no longer feel comfortable and make room for harmful foreign germs. Mineral oils also have the disadvantage that they “seal” the skin. No moisture is lost, which is why the skin may still feel good at first. However, this also means that no harmful substances or toxins can be excreted via the skin.

Bellecare+ doesn’t just banish problematic substances from skin care. We know which substances the skin needs to function optimally – and these come directly from nature for us. We not only use the valuable extracts and ingredients of plants, but also utilise the properties of hyaluronic acid and ceramides.

Why is there not a drop of water in Bellecare+?

In addition to problematic substances, we completely avoid water in our skin and body care products. Water keeps the skin moisturised. But this is not true for cosmetic products. A misconception that many cosmetics manufacturers continue to utilise.

Water is a favourable natural ingredient, but unfortunately it does nothing for the skin. Quite the opposite. If water is in the formulation, it needs a lot of additives and emulsifiers to preserve the product or create the necessary consistency. Emulsifiers turn oil and water into a cream. However, many of these emulsifiers remain on the surface of the skin long after the other substances have been absorbed. When water comes into contact with the skin again, it combines with the skin oil via these emulsifiers. This skin oil is then washed out. An important part of the protective layer is thus removed. The result is dry skin, which can be more susceptible to various bacteria and problems.

Why are Aloe Ferox and Aloe Anmaris a perfect base for natural care?

The basis of all Bellecare+ products is Aloe Anmaris. This natural ingredient scores with several benefits. And it is sustainable. This aloe can store moisture like almost no other plant. This moisture penetrates deep into the skin and can help reduce the signs of ageing. Moisture is the easiest way to combat dry skin, minimise wrinkles and achieve a firmer complexion. Aloe is also known for its cooling and soothing effects.

In addition to moisturising, Aloe Anmaris contains lots of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and secondary plant substances. Antioxidants such as vitamins A, C or E and the B vitamins it contains can help protect the cells from dangerous free radicals, which can be responsible for cell ageing. Minerals, valuable amino acids and enzymes in Bellecare+ power drinks and alkaline drinks support a balanced acid-base balance in the body. In the Bellecare+ skin care range, the mediators contained in the plant ensure that the deep layers of the skin are also supplied with the valuable active ingredients. This means a real boost of freshness and vitamins for the skin – from the inside and outside.

What are personalised cosmetics?

Who hasn’t experienced it? Skin that lacks elasticity, pigmentation spots, pimples, dry or sensitive skin. Bellecare+ cosmetics can be individually personalised. This means that our products such as creams and masks can be individually refined with valuable tinctures and flower essences that precisely address the problems of your skin. The fresh plant tinctures nourish and strengthen the skin and the skin barrier with highly complex homeopathic mixtures. For example, herbs and liquorice can have a positive effect on acne skin. Figwort, ginkgo and ginseng can also visibly reduce redness. Aloe, witch hazel and echinacea can help to tighten the skin. Simply apply directly to the skin or add a few drops to the natural facial care from Bellecare+!

How does the natural care of Bellecare+ work inside and out?

Bellecare+ is convinced that beauty literally comes from within. Ideally, radiant, even skin can even be drunk. Bellecare food supplements contain the fresh juice of Aloe Ferox or Aloe Anmaris, just like the skin care products. The valuable ingredients of these aloes, such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements and secondary plant substances, positively support many processes in the body. From metabolism, digestion and the immune system to acid-base balance. And you can see it in your skin. Because clean, well-groomed and radiant skin is closely linked to a good body feeling.

Anyone who has tried the holistic and natural skincare from Bellecare+, which is labelled with the Vegan Society label, knows why. Bellecare+ skincare for inside and out delivers what others only promise. It’s best to see for yourself!

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The 10 most frequently asked questions

Natural cosmetics are products for which only raw materials of natural origin are used. It contains plant and mineral ingredients and, unlike conventional cosmetics, does not contain certain synthetic raw materials, silicones, parabens, paraffins, petroleum products and synthetic fragrances and colourings. Furthermore, only certain preservatives are used. Alcohol, essential oils or vitamin E are used as preservatives, as well as nature-identical preservatives. No hormone-active, genetically modified or carcinogenic ingredients are permitted. Furthermore, natural cosmetics do not contain any raw materials from dead animals and no animal testing is carried out.

The difference between organic cosmetics and natural cosmetics lies in the origin of the raw materials. For natural cosmetics, they do not necessarily have to be organically grown or produced. Only when at least 95 per cent of the (certifiable) raw materials come from controlled organic production are they usually referred to as organic cosmetics.

In natural or near-natural cosmetics, plants are increasingly used and some synthetic ingredients are avoided.

Yes, natural and organic cosmetics are suitable for all skin types. However, it is very important that you make sure that the products you choose are suitable for your skin type. If you are not sure which products are right for you, consult a cosmetics specialist or a dermatologist! The products in our Vleur and Sanmar cosmetic lines are holistic care programmes and dermatologically tested. The basic care programme can be used with individual additives for all skin types.

As consumers, we have the opportunity to inform ourselves and choose what we want to buy. We are convinced that by adapting our lifestyle and increasing our consumption of organic and natural products, we can improve our health, well-being and overall ecology.

Natural care products are generally suitable for allergy sufferers. There are products that are based on natural ingredients and have even been specially developed for allergy sufferers.

However, there are also natural ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. If you suffer from a particular allergy, you should make sure that the products you choose do not contain any ingredients to which you could have an allergic reaction. If you are unsure which products are suitable for your skin type and allergies, consult a cosmetics specialist or dermatologist!

Personalised cosmetic products are products that you can easily adapt and supplement according to your skin type. This means you not only have the right care for your skin, but can also use it as easily as possible.

We are convinced that a manageable basic range with mild and effective deep cleansing products as well as high-quality care products for dry and more oily skin is suitable for most skin types. For specific skin needs, tinctures and gels can be incorporated into these skincare products and masks or applied on their own. This combination allows you to achieve a boosting effect and the optimum result for your personal needs.

If you would like to know how to apply the individual products to your skin type, you can find the application instructions here!

Genuine natural cosmetics do not use synthetically produced preservatives. Instead, we use various alcohols, essential oils and vitamin E in our skin care products. These are of course of natural origin. They prevent the development of unwanted germs and contain them. We consistently ensure that these natural preservatives are used sparingly but precisely and are absolutely kind to the skin.

Our Aloe Ferox fresh juices are gently pasteurised and preserved with acerola (naturally high in vitamin C).

Isn’t it better to avoid preservatives altogether? No, because cosmetics without preservatives spoil quickly and would also have to be kept in the fridge. This increases the risk of undesirable microorganisms developing and is therefore detrimental to skin health.

A high level of hygiene plays an important role in the manufacture of cosmetic products. This means that the manufacturing environment must be equipped with appropriate cleaning and filtering systems and regular disinfection must be carried out using either water vapour or alcohol. In addition, naturally pure and excellent raw materials are a prerequisite for processing that is as germ-free as possible.

Vleur anti aging cosmetic offers an ideal solution for customers aged 30 and over in particular. The juice of aloe and the enrichment of a high dose of hyaluronic acid and ceramides prove their worth as more intensive care for the first signs of skin ageing.

Sanmar was specially developed for the sensitive and younger skin of men and women.

Both product lines contain 100 % active ingredients and 0 % water. Instead of water, the leaf juice of aloe anmaris and kapaloe is used, which moisturises the skin deep into the dermal layers.

Both lines, especially the cleansing products Deep Cleanser, Peeling 2in1 and the tinctures, can be combined with each other.

Bellecare products are sold in selected natural drugstores, natural pharmacies and organic speciality shops. Cosmetic and fitness centres also use and stock our range. You can try out and familiarise yourself with the products there. You are also welcome to contact us. We will then tell you where you can buy our products in your area.

Do you have any questions? Then contact us directly for advice! We will be happy to send you available sample sizes by post.

Bellecare products are sold in selected natural drugstores, natural pharmacies and organic speciality shops. Cosmetic and fitness centres also use and stock our range. Would you like to buy our products in your area? Then please contact us!

You can also order all products directly from our online shop.

Yes! Bellecare serves customers in the Swiss domestic market, but also in other European countries. In the EU, the goods are delivered from a warehouse in Germany. Many customers in Germany and Austria in particular, but also in the Netherlands, place their trust in the excellent products.

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