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Bellecare -The story of natural and sustainable skincare without compromise

Kap Aloe Feld an der sonnigen Küste von Südafrika zeigt die Basis unserer natürlichen und nachhaltigen Hautpflege.
Rot blühendes Kap-Aloe Feld am Küstenhang mit Blick auf Landzunge im Meer

Real anti-ageing, disappearing spots or reduced redness are often just empty promises from the cosmetics industry. Not so with Bellecare+. The selective natural cosmetics line and nutritional supplements from Bellecare+ deliver real results. This is not least due to the sustainable philosophy behind the award-winning products.

Filtering out really good products that suit your personal skin type and actually work is a major challenge. People who struggle with problems such as acne, oily or dry skin often find themselves in a veritable jungle of unfounded promises. A lot tried and little done is often the result. Even customers who have been using a brand for years often realise that their skin’s needs change over time and the skincare is no longer suitable. Testing through countless creams and masks to find the right skincare product is tedious and often impossible. That’s why we need skincare that can be adapted to the skin’s changing needs. A skincare regime without compromises that meets challenging demands and works from the inside and out.

What is the idea behind Bellecare+?

The initiator of Bellecare+, a Swiss naturopath, body therapist and nutritionist living on Lake Zurich, had severe skin problems herself. Because she couldn’t find any truly satisfactory products for herself, she decided to develop her own skincare that would stand out on many levels. The idea of combining old knowledge from her previous work with the latest scientific research findings on skin ageing was born. The goal: to develop an effective natural cosmetics line that would bring lasting results even for problematic skin. To achieve this, the company utilised the latest scientific standards and combined them with the best that nature has to offer. In 2008, Bellecare+ laid the foundations for the first certified organic natural cosmetics line in Switzerland.

What makes the natural cosmetics and food supplements from Bellecare+ so unique?

Because water tends to dry out the skin as a skin care product, it was clear from the outset that Bellecare+ should be completely water-free. However, water (aqua) is a cheap filler in many skincare products. In order to dissolve the high-quality ingredients, Bellecare+ therefore uses the fresh juice of a medicinal plant that has been known for thousands of years – Aloe Ferox and Aloe Anmaris. It has been used for many years for skin care and wound healing, mainly in South Africa and other tropical regions. While conventional cosmetics usually only reach the top layer of the skin, the active ingredients in aloe anmaris supply all three skin layers. Clinical studies have shown that the special mediators in aloe anmaris can also transport valuable ingredients right down to the last layer of skin. In addition, the polysaccharides of aloe anmaris (aloverose) act as rich moisture reservoirs. It is a perfect way to prevent or reduce wrinkles. In addition, aloe anmaris naturally has a sun protection factor of 4. The fresh juice of the wild aloe ferox plant is also found in all high-quality food supplements from Bellecare+. It scores highly here with its high vitamin and mineral content, valuable protein and secondary plant substances. This is why skincare with aloe provides radiantly beautiful skin from the inside and out.

Who is behind the Swiss beauty pioneer Bellecare today?

As is so often the case with successful entrepreneurs, people with ambition and deep motivation are at work at Bellecare. Their aim is to develop products that achieve real and sustainable results. The start in 2017 was anything but easy for the new managing directors and owners Esther and Peter Engeler. Having worked in international positions in the pharmaceutical and telecommunications sectors and having already successfully built up their own companies, the entrepreneurial couple were looking for a meaningful challenge. “It absolutely had to be a company with its own products that also had international potential,” says Esther Engeler, explaining their goals at the time. After scrutinising various companies, their hearts finally landed on Bellecare.

The first two years were challenging. The takeover of the company required important structuring measures. Products were revised, existing connections were reconsidered and the sales network had to be actively expanded.

However, the response to the products brought with it the corresponding demand. Selected organic shops as well as exclusive drugstores and pharmacies offer the vegan-certified organic natural cosmetics lines from Bellecare+ and the high-quality food supplements from Bellecare Balance.

Inhaberin der Firma Bellecare
Esther Engeler, Managing Partner

What is the spirit of Bellecare+?

Esther and Peter Engeler focus on personalised service at the highest level. Customers’ questions are always dealt with in detail. “The response times within the company are very short, as we make sure we remain flexible,” explains Esther Engeler.

Few natural cosmetics manufacturers have such a broad, self-developed anti-ageing aloe care portfolio as Bellecare+.

Together with a medium-sized organic cosmetics laboratory in Switzerland, Bellecare+ produces its products and is constantly developing them further. This guarantees the highest standards and excellent quality. Bellecare+ is supported by experienced organic chemists who have already worked as developers for well-known premium brands.

Tinctures and essences are to a certain extent the liquid spirit of Bellecare+. They are produced in the foothills of the Appenzell Alps. Certified to international medicinal standards, only the highest quality raw materials are used. This is one of the secrets behind the special formulations and one of the reasons why Bellecare+ products achieve real and noticeable effects.
The entrepreneurial couple Esther and Peter Engeler agree that “Bellecare is wellcare” and are proud to be able to actively support the health, beauty and well-being of many people.

Bellecare - Because true values unite

What would a world be without values? We know that it is up to each and every one of us whether we live in a time worth living in or not. That’s why we take our foundation of values particularly seriously and pay constant attention to them:

  • Sustainability: We know that we only have one planet and that it has limited resources. That is why we act as sustainably as possible.
  • Appreciation: We see every living being and our environment as valuable, worthy of protection and love and value them.
  • Holism: We think, feel and act holistically. For the benefit of body, mind and soul and our planet.
  • Mindfulness: We believe that mindfulness is more than just living in the here and now. It is the basis for a successful future.
  • Responsibility: We are part of this society and take on social responsibility every day and ensure that all company processes are environmentally friendly.
  • Community: We maintain a fair and cooperative relationship with each other and all our partners. We stand up for each other because we believe in real teamwork.
  • Respect: Respectful behaviour is the basis for good cooperation in a diverse society. We treat each other and all partners with respect.
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