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Premium skincare that goes further

Vleur: anti-ageing that goes further

The unique Vleur anti-ageing line differs from conventional cosmetic products in many ways. Because Vleur is the best and anti-ageing further.

Why does the Vleur skincare line consistently avoid water?

Cosmetics manufacturers like to use water in their facial and skin care products. What doesn’t look so bad at first glance is not always good for the skin. Even if it sounds strange, water dries out the skin. It simply evaporates from the surface. Auxiliary substances therefore remain on the top layer of the skin and can even cause skin irritation, especially if applied several times a day. Nevertheless, water (aqua) is used as a favourable filler in many cosmetics. Not so with the sophisticated Vleur skincare line from Bellecare.

How do Vleur natural cosmetics differ from conventional products?​

The Swiss best and anti-ageing skincare product bears the Vegan Society label and also differs from conventional cosmetics in several other ways.

Aloe Anmaris: Vleur’s highly complex active ingredients are dissolved in the fresh juice of Aloe Anmaris and Aloe Ferox instead of water. The desert lily, which grows exclusively as a wild plant in the unspoilt South African savannah, contains over 160 bioactive substances that are said to have countless positive effects on the skin and the entire body. Its sap stores moisture exceptionally well, allowing it to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. It can also soothe and calm the skin. With Vleur, not a drop of water means not only more moisture, but also a concentrated load of high-quality ingredients.
Purely plant-based: the skincare creams and serums contain a particularly high concentration of selected ingredients. Hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and ceramides are obtained exclusively from high-quality, natural raw materials and not – as is often the case in conventional creams – from genetically modified soya oil. The products usually consist of at least 95% selected organic plants, plant oils, herbs and the finest flower essences. For pure sustainability that you can feel.
Customised cosmetics: The individual creams and masks can be refined and enriched with essences rich in vital substances from flowers, leaves and seeds. Whether dry skin, tension, redness or impurities – you can tailor the pure, high-quality essences precisely to your skin’s needs. Whether applied pure to the skin or mixed into Vleur creams or masks, you can expect noticeable and lasting results. Cosmetics as individual as each person.

Why do Vleur natural cosmetics work so well?

The Vleur cosmetics line offers the latest standards of science combined with the best of nature. It was developed together with a naturopath under the strictest laboratory conditions. It goes without saying that all products are dermatologically tested, free from artificial preservatives, colourings and fragrances and are manufactured in accordance with the strict rules of organic certification.

The BIO VLEUR Deep Cleanser leaves a wonderful feeling of freshness as a cleanser and toner in one.
The BIO VLEUR Peeling 2 in 1 with precious lava clay gently exfoliates and firms the skin.
The highly effective BIO VLEUR Lifting Serum with natural ceramide 3 and hyaluronic acid gently regenerates the skin deep down and builds up effective moisturising protection.
The BIO VLEUR Lifting Serum Plus was developed as a gel especially for oily and blemished skin. It brings it into a pleasant balance, clarifies and provides lasting moisture.
BIO VLEUR Cream Balance cares for impure, oily skin with a tendency to redness. Blackheads can be easily removed after just a few days of use.

Fancy pure and sustainable active cosmetics that nourish your skin naturally and visibly reduce the signs of ageing? Then discover best ageing that goes further!

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